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Many of our projects are funded from Community or National Grants.

With thanks to Forever Manchester- and Auto Trader who have funded the food project for the J.C.F.T.

The cost of living has had an impact of many families often prioritising the essentials. Research   has now shown that many families are not able to provide these items for their children and themselves...

The JCFT provide on a regular basis a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, possibly fish, and bread to the single families supported by Eema care and other identified individuals and families.

Shabbat Beyachad project – Shabbat together funded by Bury VCFA

Shabbat Beyachad is an initiave established by Dr Hedva Abel a Director of the JCFT and funded by the JCFT through local grants.

The aim is to bring people together   who  otherwise have no place to go, singles, older folks, and those on the fringes of the community have  now found a common place to celebrate shabbat.

The togetherness is evident, people from all walks of life have sat, heard kiddush, said Hamotzi, eaten together, benched, sang Zemiros, socialised, made connections and had a laugh, all in the spirit of shabbat.

The children too have found a healthy after-shul place to enjoy, play and make friends.

The mitzvah of keeping shabbat is given as "remember" ("zachor") and in the repetition of the Ten Commandments as "observe" ("shamor"). As rightly said in Zohar II 205b, ‘’Shabbat is a taste of the World to Come, a day of the Neshama’’

Honouring and sanctifying the shabbat is key to fulfilling the mitzvah.

Hedva and the team at Shabbat Beyachad have dedicated their time and energy to ensure people have a place on shabbat, be it Friday night, shabbat lunch, sueda shilisht or other

Community Hubs funded BY National Grants

Established with the support of Community Grants and facilitated by volunteers, these have now become an essential meeting place to chat, share news and information and most importantly to support each other in a relaxed and friendly way over a hot drinks and some snacks .




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