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JC Foundation Trust

The Jewish Community Foundation Trust, known also as the JCFT, was founded by the late Jay Charara .


He established the Foundation with the purpose of identifying initiatives and projects that would achieve positive resolutions to the many issues impacting the Jewish Community in the Greater Manchester region. 


The Management Team is committed to continuing the vision and aims of the Foundation.

Featured Services

Embracing the rich tapestry of human experience, our Health and Disability service acknowledges that every individual’s journey is unique, spanning the spectrum from visible challenges to invisible battles. At the core of our ethos lies the unshakeable belief that everyone deserves to thrive in a society that sees beyond limitations—a society that nurtures, supports, and empowers. The JC Foundation Trust stands as a steadfast ally, ensuring that no barrier, whether legal, social, or educational, hinders anyone’s ability to optimize their health and wellbeing or access essential public services. We champion the right of every community member to live a life marked by dignity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. Join us as we forge paths to a healthier, more equitable world, where disabilities do not define destinies.

Health & Disability

Antisemitism is an enduring disease that has persisted through the centuries via numerous mutations and social aberrations; it can take on many shapes and forms. It is both overt and covert Racism, literal and implied. It can even lay dormant for an entire generation before reappearing suddenly and unexpectedly. We all simply want to function in a society without fear, prejudice or hindrance.

The JC Foundation Trust make sure there are no obstacles for you regarding legal, social or educational. We work in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders in our community and beyond to ensure fair and equal access to all opportunities.

Anti-Semitism & Racism

Crafting a space where the heart of community pulses vibrantly, our Community Welfare service is more than just an initiative—it's a beacon of hope and connection. Through our dedicated hubs, we weave the fabric of togetherness, providing not just sustenance for the body but also nourishment for the soul. By distributing food to those in need, we tackle hunger head-on, ensuring no one is left behind. But our mission goes beyond addressing physical needs; it's about breaking the chains of social isolation. These hubs serve as vibrant gatherings, where every individual is recognized, valued, and supported. Join us in this meaningful journey as we cultivate a stronger, more connected community, where everyone finds a place to belong and thrive.

Community Welfare

Dedicated to Jay Charara, the founder of The JC Foundation Trust

Jay was not only a communal and civic leader and a dedicated advocate, but a qualified psychologist with a background in strategic leadership and public relations. He was a champion of fairness and ethical values in society at large, in particular, within local communities. He undertook extensive work and research in advocacy against discrimination, and for equality, fairness and open access for all to public services.


With thanks to our sponsors and donors for their support and encouragement which enables us to support the community of Greater Manchester

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